Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Tao of Doodling

In both art and life in general, I appreciate simplicity.

One gentle stroke, seemingly effortless - or even accidental - creates life.

When I draw like this, I begin not knowing what image will emerge. 

The line seems to know what it wants to become.

Without trying to control it, I let it flow.  Often I am tickled by the outcome. 


This little squirrel might be my favorite.   

I feel like I'm channeling Pablo Picasso

Monday, January 16, 2012

Who is Small Fox?

In my heart lives the soul of a child who is perpetually 3-years-old.

She prefers to spend her days climbing trees, rolling in grass, and wading through streams.

Now and then she takes time to sit in the shade.  To tell a story with a drawing, or paint a picture in words.   

She is endlessly inspired.  The forest nourishes her, and she has many friends there.  Rabbit, deer, and squirrel often come out to play.  They speak to her, as do the mushrooms, mosses, rivers and rocks.

But these friends also ask to speak through her.    

To the big, loud, and busy world, which has long forgotten how to listen to the critters and the bugs and the trees.

They ask that she help spread awareness among the people, that they might remember the ever-present magic which exists inside and all around us.

To help open the collective human heart, illuminate its unfathomable depths, and unleash its infinite capacity to experience joy, love, and compassion. 

To heal the suffering of Humankind.

To heal our blessed Mother Earth.

That we would become conscious co-creators of this miraculous World.

...So here we are.

My name is Lia.  I am Small Fox.