Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Tiny Art Show at The Thimble Gallery

Many thanks to the wonderful, whimsical Thimble Art Gallery for showcasing over a dozen of my bite-sized pen and ink drawings at a solo exhibition this fall! The Thimble Gallery is a thoughtfully curated micro gallery (1:24 scale) featuring the tiny work of artists working in all kinds of media. I love their virtual art shows and the antics of their colorful Playmobil patrons, and I'm so honored they chose to feature my work!

My solo show, Botanicals: Connection and Kinship, is a celebration of the endless threads of reciprocity and belonging woven among all Beings on this beautiful planet we call home. To view the entire collection, visit The Thimble Gallery on Instagram.

All gallery photos are courtesy of the curators at The Thimble Gallery.

My hand for scale!