Saturday, November 5, 2011

Secondhand sketchbook makeover

So I found a couple of unused sketchbooks at an estate sale today for 75 cents a piece.  Talk about great finds at a great price!  But what to do about their shabby appearance?   

Step 1: Mask off the edges and position stencil securely with double-sided tape.

Step 2: Apply acrylic craft paint.

Step 3: Admire handiwork.

I'm quite satisfied with these.  Not only because the process was so quick and easy, but also because of how vibrant and fun the end products turned out to be.  All for under 2 bucks!!  It really pays to keep your eyes peeled for those secondhand fixer-uppers.  

That's it for today, see you next time :)


  1. I love this idea so much! Totally want to try it. Your crafts come out really great!

  2. Thank you! Garage sales and antique stores are great sources of inspiration and material :)