Friday, January 31, 2014

Gnome update: I published a book!

And it's available now on CreateSpace!

Here are a few previews: 

"Gnomes have a particularly
long history of friendship
with members of the avian kingdom."

"...If you happen to meet a gnome who can carry a tune, 
rest assured that what you are witnessing is the result 
of countless hours of dedicated study."
The process of creating this book was a great experience for me.  I learned a lot, and found out just how easy self-publishing can be!  Most importantly: I realized that there's nothing stopping me from putting out into the world anything my heart can dream up.  It's a pretty powerful revelation.

It's really amazing to think that a few weeks ago, none of this existed at all.  And that the whole journey began with a little spark of inspiration and few ounces of leftover clay I dug out of the closet.

Thanks to everyone who has cheered me on in my creative adventures.

Your support and kind words are more valuable than you may know :)

Like I said, the book is available now on CreateSpace, and should be up on Amazon in about a week. 

So check it out!

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