Saturday, October 23, 2021

Printable Bookmarks!

I know a beautiful bookmark brings me a lot of joy while I'm reading, so here are three of my own designs that you can print and cut out at home to share with family and friends! Donations and/or tips may be made to my Venmo account @SmallFoxPress. Suggested donation: $3 per design, or two for $5. Thank you for supporting my art! 

How to Download:

  • Right click on the image you wish to download and select "Save Image As"

Printing Tips:
  • Print on white card stock (acid free is best)
  • Set print job to "Best Quality"
  • Print at 100% scale (borderless if possible)
  • Let paper dry completely before cutting
  • If you don't have a paper cutter, lay a ruler over the paper where you want to cut and use a craft knife to get a straight edge (practice on scrap paper to get the hang of it!)

Painted Lady in the Zinnias

Roots and Greens

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